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I've been playing my electric unplugged at least 70% of the time simply because it is more convenient... although i wish i had plugged it in more often as i notice some sloppiness sometimes when plugged in (like fingers brushing other strings or chords not held down properly) but it isn't too bad for a relative newbie.

What's the ratio of your unplugged / plugged playing? Have you noticed any disadvantages to playing unplugged too much?

i play unplugged alot and i guess i haven't noticed any disadvantages
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90 percent plugged in, because i bought an electric guitar instead of acoustic.
only play unplugged when its very late.
i play through a halfstack always, not necessarily loud, but i picked up the guitar cause i loved the way it sounded and thats why i dont play unplugged very often.
pros of plugged in
hear mistakes
tell if the tab is wrong

cons of plugged in
wait for tubes to heat up
can wake people up

i prob do 60/40 60 unplugged
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I play my electric unplugged almost all the time, don't yet have a guitar amp (just a bass one) and its on the wall above my bed to i grab it down for some late night jamming ^^
My bass I play 100% plugged unless it's late, got a good set-up in my room so I can do it easily at the PC or watched TV or whatever.
Almost always plugged in, only ever unplugged if it's between 12pm-7am and usually then I'm too lazy to play much
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90% plugged in. If yoru practising for a gig it will need to be plugged in so you can get it tighter
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I would say mostly unplugged from an actual amp. I have been using Guitar Rig 3 and plugging in to the PC lately. Easier to use headphones and record that way.
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I live in the guest house so my Tube Combo is always busting out the riffage. I will play my Acoustic/Electric unplugged sometimes though.

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Almost always play plugged in. I don't have much reason to play without the amp.
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I muck around heaps unplugged, just pick up the guitar n play for a bit

Plug in if im looking 2 play more than a song or two
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I end up practicing mostly unplugged because it is more convenient and I don't get yelled at about noise. I remember reading in an interview with EVH recently that he said he almost never plugs in at home and I thought that was pretty interesting.
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I hardly ever play plugged in...
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I usually play my electric plugged in. I only really play it unplugged when I'm on here, looking up a tab. Then once I memorize the song, I go back into my room and plug it in.
I play unplugged most of the time cause my amp kinda sucks, unless im practicing stuff that requires an amp like hammerons, pulloffs, palm muting etc.
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Unplugged most of the time.
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Wow lots of unplugged...I play plugged in majority of the time so I can hear the mistakes and correct myself. Especially with distortion
Always plugged in, myself. When a lower level of sound is required, I use these things called "headphones", which are kinda like speakers you put on your ears. Okay, they're not exactly great if you've got a luverly value amp, but they do the job with my Cube 30x.

Having said that, we had a rash of power cuts in the run-up to Xmas, so there have been a few evenings where it's been open fire and unplugged electric.
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I write things unplugged most of the time, but I practice with my amp.
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pros of plugged in
hear mistakes
tell if the tab is wrong

cons of plugged in
wait for tubes to heat up
can wake people up

i prob do 60/40 60 unplugged

You'll hear your mistakes more unplugged or plugged in and clean.
I play plugged in almost 100% of the time. I play through a 15W, so I can keep it pretty quiet when its late.
when i'm learning songs i play unplugged, then i go to my amp and try them out. sometimes i drag my amp into the computer room and learn plugged in. id say 65% plugged 35% unplugged
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Always plugged in.

And the parents won't be complaining about my "noise" much longer; getting my room sound-proofed for my birthday.
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I play my electric plugged in.

I have an acoustic which I mostly practice on. It depends usually on the type of music I'm playing.

I do country/fingerpicking and some jazz on my acoustic.

I play metal/rock and jazz on my electric.
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used to play plugged a lot but now mostly unplugged cos of other people in the house etc.

interestingly it has totally changed the way i play bends - much harsher than they used to be. when i play unplugged tend to end up doing lots of quicker blues stuff - plugged in i go for more sweeping stadium-esque sounds
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i used to always play unplugged cuz i had a crap behringer starter amp
but i got a Peavey Bandit 112 so i plug in alot now especially since i get a sick sound out of it using my MT-2
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Always plugged in on my electric, and probably 80% of the time with headphones.

Buy headphones if the only reason you aren't plugging in is because it is too loud
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Unplugged, my amp is terrible :S

The downside is that I'm terrible at hammer ons, pull offs and harmonics.

I'm getting an amp soon hopefully.
I nearly always play unplugged.
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If I'm playing my electric, it's plugged in. Always. If it's late, just use headphones.

The only thing I play unplugged is my acoustic.
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