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So pit I was just wondering if any of you guys(and girls) can actually cook?

If so do you like it?

What kind of stuff can you cook?

When did you learn?

Using the microwave does not count!
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I can use a micro.........awww dammit

i can cook scrambled eggs, burgers and pasta
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Well I can prepare something from leftovers (basically variations on mac and cheese) nothing really besides that.
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I am the king of the art of Schnitzel making.
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I can cook about everything, steak, fish, etc. I learned it mostly from watching my mom cook all the time and reading her cookbooks.

I'm a good baker too, made some kick ass miniature cream puffs for Christmas. I made **** like 150 of them...they were all gone Christmas night
I am also the king of cheese on crumpets.
R.I.P Jon Lord, Rory Gallagher and Jimi!
yeah, it's not hard to do. everyone can cook.
don't really enjoy it though, good thing I have a girlfriend
A hero of war, Yeah that's what I'll be

mac 'n cheese and PB&J sandwiches are about as much as I can do, and I'm 18
I can make chicken wings, fries, hot dogs, steaks, burgers, sausages and whatever else you can deep fry or BBQ.

I'm a dishwasher in 2 restaurants, you pick up some good tricks when you watch people cook
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I'm a grill master, mainly. But I'm also good at sauteing (kind of part of being a grill master, like myself) and I can do a few random dishes really well. If I ever have enough income to get a real nice house (or better yet, make one), I'm going to make sure it has a real nice kitchen and I'm going to cook up some effing good food.
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Anything on a grill, buddy. As well as all types of bread. One time, I made Hawaiian sweet bread just for the hell of it. Gave about half of it to my friends, and they wanted all of it, cos damn it was tasty.
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well yeh i can make the standard meal, i'd be lost with a sunday roast though
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Yes, for all these folk.

/not really
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Not even a little bit. I always burn stuff, and if I can't I'll just spill it everywhere.
I should be able to cook, my mum used to be a chef
Well since Im a chef, I hope I can cook.
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Yes, well sort of.

I can make stuff with eggs (omelets, scrambled, egg sandwich, egg in a hole, poached eggs, boiled eggs, etc.) but besides that cooking isn't exactly my thing.
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if i have decent directions, i can cook it
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Using a microwave certainly does count, i make some mean instant noodles using various seasoning and flavours.

remember: all food is not done in 30 secs, or handed to you by some pimply faced kid with a name tag. good thing i ain't comming over to your house to eat.
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I'm no chef but I can cook a decent bit and I quite enjoy it too.

unlike my girlfriend who has, in essence, burned water 3 times.
(that is, put water on to boil then forgot about it so long that it all boiled away and the pot began to smoke)


but I learned to cook in the Boy Scouts actually, go figure.

Or so that's where it started.

My dad loves to cook (although he makes one hell of a mess in doing so, but no one minds when he does) and I got alot of it from him.

except, with as much as I love cooking, I dont usually like homemade foods as much as, say, Wendys of CiCi's pizza.

I have cheap tastes, I can't help it.
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remember: all food is not done in 30 secs, or handed to you by some pimply faced kid with a name tag. good thing i ain't comming over to your house to eat.

You've never tasted my noodles, boy.
Lets see, I can cook:
On the grill (Chicken, Ribs, Corn, Fish, you name it)
Omeletes any style
Fried or baked pork chops
Corn Bread (yes I'm a southerner)
Lima beans with smoked ham hocks, mmmm
Fried eggplant ( I think the Brits call it aubergine)
Fried green tomatoes mmm
Rice (yes, normal rice, there is an art to it)
Green bean casserole
Shrimp (fried or boiled)
bacon, no mystery there
over easy eggs (without breaking the yolk, yaaayyy)]
Pecan Pie
Anybody can cook if they can read and follow simple directions in recipes
I can cook quite well, actually.

I make a mean pot of Ash-e Anar.
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Life is lame so let me eat your brain
Life is lame so let me eat your brain
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