ok, ashes of the innocent by bullet for my valentine, the main riff, is it all downpicked? alternate picking doesnt seem to give it the same punch in every note while obviously downpicking is extremely difficult to get it up to tempo (around about 225 bpm) and yes i know im about to get flamed and told to practice so, fire away!

p.s. flame armor on

i dont think so mate, maybe half that.

I suggest buying a powerball, strengthens your wrist up, and when u get it, theoretically, you would be twice as fast at alternate afterwards.

good luck
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heavier picks might help ya with the punch in alt picking

oh, and PRACTICE...
alt pick it slowly and try to make it sound right before you speed it up
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i jest listened to the song- it sounds all down picked
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225BPM in quarter notes maybe... But anything more than 16ths at 150BPM is too fast to down pick.

I'm betting it's eight notes, which, although very very hard, isn't impossible. I suggest getting a metronome, and playing the riff/part you're having trouble with and starting SLOW. Start where you can play it perfectly and comfortably all down picking, and you will build up speed gradually. You have to be patient, you will not achieve this speed overnight.
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