Hey, I've recently bought an electro acoustic with a nut lok system, but not sure on it. Every time i put it in standard and then tighten the loks the tunning changes, is there any tuning to put it in so that when i lock it down it takes it up to standard?

And does it really seem worth it with an acoustic guitar??

All comments welcom.

I've never seen an acoustic with a locked nut, weird. Pics?
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That's maybe the second acoustic i've ever seen with a locking nut.
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how weird... Well most electrics with locking nuts have a floyd rose, and after you tighten the locks you tune it down at the saddle.. in this case.. i don't know what to tell you.. i don't really see the point of having locks on an acoustic, unless your lazy and don wanna have ot ever tune it again...
Whoa! Weird acoustic alert!

Sorry, I don't know what to tell you. I've never used a locking nut on ANYTHING before.
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