I'm in the market for a cab and right now I'm looking at a barely used Hughes & Kettner 4x12. It seems to be in good condition and the guy is asking $600 CAN for it. However, I'm not sure yet (waiting on a response) if it's a Custom Series or VC Series cab. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Also, is that a reasonable price (for either series)? I have no experience with H&K I have to rely on the knowledge of others this time.
omg where the hell do you live. i would love to get one of these cabs. especially a 4x12. the custom series are just made with better quality. hence a bit better tonal option.. they usually go for around $1,000 used and around 1400 brand new last time i check.
Yeah, I figured the Custom Series would be of better quality, but how does the VC Series compare? Is it like the budget version? Considering the price it's likely the VC Series so I'm curious if it's still worth $600 used? I'm looking for something that's good quality. I don't want a lower end cab.
hey i have the lower end version and honestly its not great. it doesnt come with v30s like the custom series does. in all honesty i prefer my brothers stock peavey 5150 cab, and my bandmates orange 4x12 kills them both (not like thats shocking though)... i got my cab 400 brand new, so be careful. if its the same cab then screw it, but if its the nicer one with v30s it might be worth getting.
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I have a H&K Attax cab and it's alright. It's a straight, has huge bass response and the cab itself is built very heavy and solid. The speakers are H&K brand Vintage Rockdrivers. They are very dark speakers and am thinking of putting in some WGS Veteran 30's.
I paid $300 for it used about 8 years ago.
This Custom cab sounds great, but I can't comment on the price. I've never played one or seen one.
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Quote by thoreau
hey i have the lower end version and honestly its not great. it doesnt come with v30s like the custom series does.

I don't think we're talking about the same cab. Both the Custom and VC series comes with the option for either V30s or G12s. It's only the cab construction that is different.
H&K custom cabs sound huge. I would get it if it is a custom. That would be an alright price for a VC.
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So confirmed that it is a VC Series with Vintage 30s. Just out of curiousity, anyone know what this thing is worth new?