I realise there is a Legend of Zelda thread, but I asked like 2 weeks ago on there and no one has helped me. So now I ask the pit. I n the souther temple of the wind, there are all types of things you need to do a reflection of light on to unlock, and you use the bird chicks sheild to reflect on them untill you get the mirror sheild. Well, I forgot to unlock the chest in the first room with the reflection off her harp, and now she is in a big cage and I can't get to her withoput some type of reflection. HOW DO I GET THE MIRROR SHEILD? Did I miss it in the first room of the temple and now I'm just screwed? HELP NEEDED!
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You're going to be told to go to the gaming thread, but you won't get any help there, so I suggest going to different forums for help, sorry.

Unless this one isn't closed, it might not be.
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