I haven't posted in UG for a long time since I'm busy with studies..
Well, anyway, the song is still in its early stages...but I need some opinions...so..check it out...

Alright, I'll do this in parts

Intro/Verse 1;
I really like this riff, and I think you do too, cause you come back to it many times during the song, and normally I would find that boring, but I think it's a really cool riff, so I don't mind.

I like the octave melody here, and the harmonizing is very well done.

You have a good idea here, I can see that.
The tapping bit sounds a bit thin. Try harmonizing it, or something.
Other than that, well done.

Interlude 1;
Man, you've got some good melodies in this song!
I really like it, and the rhythm guitar fits really well.

Interlude 2;
Nice clean thing you've got going here.
I actually think this would have sounded better with a clean rhythm, so maybe try checking that out.

They need some work, sure enough, but you've kinda created the skeleton for it, and it seems good enough.
You've got some melody flowing, something most guys on here don't.

You know how I feel about this one

All in all,

I really liked this song, and I think I might actually pick up my guitar and learn it!

Crit mine?
You shall listen to Kamelot.