Got an RG1570 with an Edge Pro locking trem....what do I need to do in order to set up the guitar to take 10-52 strings over 9-42's, which I've been using on it to date?

I'm going to want the trem to be parallel, obviously, but I've no idea what needs to be adjusted in order to allow this with 10's. Also - the action, will that need to be adjusted? (I'm guessing so, might be some more fret buzz with thicker strings)

Put the new strings on and then tighten the springs evenly until it is horizontal. Then tune it and repeat until its tuned and ****. Then you might have to adjust the thrus rod and yeah... Yeah may have to adjust the action....
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Truss adjustment? Really?

no not with a small change like that
intontation probaly has to be adjusted too
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The adjustments you make will rely on the way the guitar reacts when the strings are fitted.
If the neck is fine once the trem springs are adjusted then all good but if it curves a little too much then an adjustment will be needed. You wont know exactly until the strings are fitted.
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