Hello everyone!

For Christmas.. I got the Boss Me-50. I was just wondering how I could get the most out of it? It's got SO much in, I actually don't know where to begin.

I play alot of Muse, Rage Against The Machine, White Stripes and Radiohead, so does anybody know which of the MANY amps I would use for each of these bands? Also, can anyone tell me the best amps, or the best amps for a certain type of music? The manual doesn't really go into detail.

It's also got modulation and delay, I've used some of the delay, but not much of the modulation.

So, for mine and others benefit, could someone with the ME-50 or with experience of them share how they get awesome tones out of this thing?
these actually are pretty convenient because you dont have to have a million pedals and i love mine.

it really just depends on what you are trying to do. these have 10 different banks with 3 different settings in each. i personally have a bank with one set up as my clean channel, nice clean sounds with some delay and som 'verb, and on with some slight gain for when i use my amps distortion channel just get a little more umph out of it.

what would you like know?
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well to begin, you could pick the things you want, then click the boxes?

its kinda all about preference tho...

but as far as experiences and such,, id say
- use the modulations while on clean mostly because they tend to boost the volume to a rediculous amount when used with distortions
- i didnt find much use for the compression until i got my cry baby
- dont put the noise gate/ limiter all the way up - it just sounds bad
Yeah... I think I'm gonna buy a Whammy Pedal and/or a Crybaby, wasn't too impressed with the wah/octaver on the ME-50.

How would I go about setting up the amps to get a Muse-y sound? Or like Rage Against The Machine..

Does anybody get like.. a bit of hum from the ME-50 when you put some of the distortion settings on? Like... even if your guitar is off, I still get a weird hiss on a few of the amps?
I think this post has become lost a few pages back.. So I'll try and bump it.

But I've also got a specific question.. How can I get the amp to sound like Matt Bellamy's (Muse) from the Origin Of Symmetry era? It's kind of like... distorted and heavy.. but not screaming? As I posted above, I seem to get an odd hum even when the guitar is off, and lots of feedback when the guitar is on but not playing on some of the amp models?
Tom Morello's exact amp setting on his Marschall JCM 800 2205:

Master section:
Presence: 7
Volume: 9
Reverb: 0

Boost section:
Bass: 9
Middle: 6
Treble: 1
Volume: 8
Gain: 9

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