Is there any software i can purchase that allows me to play a song from my computer on and it will tab it out for me? UG has alot of great tabs but ive notice theres not too many country tabbers, atleast not the country i would like to play and seeing as im new and suck at transcribing any software like this would be a life saver.

Any Suggestions?
I haven't heard of anything, but I could be wrong...

Two words: Aural training.
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i think it does , if u look at the lay down tab by priestess , the guy hu tabbed it used some sort of program..
Surely if there was, tabbing sites would be pointless... ?
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I wouldnt think it would be to complicated if you own a mic for you comp just simply plug the mic in and let it pic up the pitch and tones just as a tuner does
I wouldnt think it would be to complicated if you own a mic for you comp just simply plug the mic in and let it pic up the pitch and tones just as a tuner does

there's the problem of tunings, feedback, harmonics, bends, harmonies and the fact that a computer has no common sense or ability to make rational judgements
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well i guess a lot of people play it in using a midi source like a midi pickup or a midi keyboard.
I saw a programm like this once, but i think it was a marketing gag or a joke. It didnt worked at all.
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Unfortunately I have never heard of such a device unless it was a midi processing device that records the data streamed into it by the musician using via midi controller/keyboard of some type onto a program called Guitar Pro.

I myself love Guitar Pro, because I'll write my own songs or I'll listen to a song to cover and write out the music so to speak by hand since I have classical training in musical notation. So what I suggest to you is learn how to write music in standard musical notation using Guitar Pro. Even though your writing out tabulator you still have to know the durations of the notes being used and where they go on the fret board, and the tuning being used if you are not musically inclined at all and still want to use this program that's what I'd recommend learning for the musically inclined ignore this post haha.

Hope that helped
Think of the issues with such a program. The program would have a pretty hard time figuring out which version of the E chord was used, I know guitar pro shows probably 50 ways to play the same chord. Then there is the issue of bends, slides, etc. If you can fix these issues then there is the problem of distortion and FX driving the program crazy.