Yup, the one and only, not many of these around. Make an offer. Perfect condition except for 2 of the little silver caps is missing from 2 of the knobs.

Also have the matching 4x10 cab with Celestions that I might consider letting go too. If you make an offer, let me know if you want the head or both.

I'm thinking $350-400, depending on what shipping would be. Maybe $650-700 for the head and cabinet.

It would depend on what you had in mind. An American strat would be nice, not a clone or knockoff. Can't really think of anything off the top of my head.

hey jonnypm....ive been searching high and low for the ampeg vh-140. id like to hear more about it and/or possibly see some pics. i could be a serious buyer if things seem legit. just let me know when you can man, and hit me back.