Hey, I've got a question.

I'm looking at replacing the existing pickups in my Les Paul, a pair of gold-plated covered humbuckers (498t and 490r, respectively). I'm looking at throwing in a pair of Burstbucker Pros, however the ones I've looked at are chrome covered. My guitar's got a bunch of gold hardware, so I'd prefer the gold covers.

So, my question is, when I swap the Pros over, I want to throw my gold covers from the 498 and 490 onto the Burstbuckers, and vice versa. But, will I need to repot the pickups? I know the Burstbuckers did come potted, but when I replace the covers, will it need to be repotted? Or is it enough to reheat it with a hair dryer, etc.

Thanks in advance
If you want them to grow bigger, then re-potting is essential really.

Or, you won't be touching the windings of the PUP, so however they were potted, you shouldn't need to do it again, if you are just changing the covers.
Won't something need to be to changed to ensure a good fit with the cover, though? I believed it was any gap with the cover at all that could cause microphonic feedback.
Ah, I just had a better deal for a pair of chrome ones, I could always get the gold covered ones though, I suppose.