Hey guys. I don't know too much about chorus pedals, other than chorus is a form of modulation.

Anyway, I'm looking for the most appropriate chorus pedal that will add a distinct, airy sparkle to my output. A lot of people say that I should get an Analogman chorus pedal, which mimics the Small Clone that Kurt Cobain used.

But what interests me right now is the Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo. The only drawback is its size.

So which chorus pedal do you guys suggest to achieve that sparkly sound? Would an analog chorus be the best way to go?

i dont like the small clone, it too dark and 80's and pretty w*nky effect, the boss ones are all digital too, the rocktron tsunami gives a lovely thick shimmery sparkly tone, check the rocktron website for a sounclip

and the visual sound is pretty good, but dont be put off by size

and analogue all the way, digital is SEHR! bad for chorus

oh and you can just ge tthe visual sound liquid chorus seperate, save some money and space if you dont really want the echo
I concur with the above poster; the separate Liquid Chorus is the one I'm looking at getting soon. The only thing that bugs me about it even the slightest is that it isn't true bypass, but that's a minor nitpick because the Visual Sound buffers are pretty good. Everything else about the pedal is top-notch.
look at the carl martin classic chorus, not too expensive, and really warm, plus quiet as a mouse noisewise. Picking one up myself very soon. The best thing is that it seems to go through much clearer than any other chorus i've heard, probably thanks to the level knob utilizing gain unity at 0, really intelligent feature. I found that most choruses tend to either cut a bit of your signal and clarity, OR add a bit of boost, neither of which I want form a modulation effect. But yeah, try it out, I'm sure you'll like it. oh and as a bonus you can tap in a bit of vibro as well.
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I picked up the Visual Sound V2 Liquid Chorus a few weeks ago. I would definitely recommend it, it sounds great.
I'm very much leaning toward the Visual Sound H2O.

What do you guys think about the Analogman Chorus? A lot of people on other guitar forums have recommended it.
Hey Jericho-79, visual sounds had the Liquid Chorus by itself if you don't want the echo.
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