I've written a fair few songs, but every time I try and write vocals (I use powertab a fair bit, so I just use guitar melodies that I think would sound good sung) they sound really bad and off key, even if I've used the scale I used to make the riffs...or that i got the progression from.

It's all really confusing

Also are there any websites which can help me read sheet music on guitar...I can read it but not like I can with piano, I can't just play it instantly, or actually use the sheet music to play, like I can with a tab.


The best way to come up with a vocal line is to sing. Vocal music; free from a classical framework; is almost entirely improvised. i.e. you should get your hands dirty and do the best to sing above a chord progression; sing what's in your head or whatever, just sing. If your vocals are bad you can keep at it until you've come up with a melody that is vocally conceived, singable and more importantly that sounds good. Used power tabs or whatever notation program you use to transcribe your own vocal line and in the process of which clean it up. Don't thing progression or scale when singing. Just listen; listen long and hard to your chord progression or backing track; try to emulate any catchy riffs or chord voicings.

As to reading sheet music,
If you can play piano, I assume you can already read the little black dots. If this is the case it's just a matter of learning your notes on the fretboard and to this end there are countless threads on this very forum that you could venture into using that handy search function. However, I would say, tabs are far better at interpreting the guitar than sheet music, but of course being able read sheet music on guitar has its advantage.
Cool thanks for this.

I should also add that I have a really bad musical ear...the only things i've figured out are old mcdonald and the palm muted part of afterlife with all the organs and strings behind it...

So it can be really hard for me to transcribe me singing onto actual notes.

And I will use the search
To cure the singing issue: Sing ..... alot.... be patient it takes time to become good

for reading guitar music: Read..... alot...... method books are helpful for this (like Mel Bay... or whatever)

there are no tricks or shortcuts.... just work at it... thats it.
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