I'm posting this on behalf of Graveworm.
He asked me to upload it for him because he currently can't.

He's looking for some critique so check it out.

Graveworm would really like to crit your piece in your thread but he is currently banned so he will crit you in your profile. C4C
Into Decades of Slavery.zip
This Is Epic As Hell!
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From the get-go, this song is already pulling out all the stops.

Love the blasting evil of the main riff.
It's very catchy. Like Aeon. Idk if that was your intention, but that's the closest comparision I can make.

The piano reprisal was just, weird. I like it. I see the prog.
I see the EPIC!!!

Crosspicking section is nice.
MOAR PROG! The "prog" parts remind me of Opeth, or some form of avant-garde metal. It truely is progressive.

3rd piano section. Wow. Breathe-taking.

Metal riffs are so metal!!!

Yes, catchy riff again.

I forgot to mention that I like that chorus or whatever it is (bottom string tremolo-riffing).

Excellent outro.

Bravo sir, this is one of the best songs I have heard. Ever.
There wasn't one note out of place or any filler riffs.

NOTICE: This is just what I wrote while listening to this song. I didn't wanna stop and look at all the sections and measures. Hell, I just had this song in the background and took it at face value. I don't wanna over-analyze it and spoil the song for myself.

But it is truely flawless. 10/10.

Graveworm, you need to come back.
Also, tell him to check out either Elonia or Endemia, if not both. They aren't anywhere near as epic as this or as well formated.
But I would definitely like to see his input.

EDIT: It's in the Mein Comps link.
Jewish people tend to avoid, for obvious reasons. But that's not mein intention.
Well ****.

It goes a bit ape **** crazy after the nice piano bit at the start. I don't know how anyone could keep picking that fast for that long! I'm not a huge fan of this sort of riff, but for it's style it's good.

The BROOTALZ really reared its ugly head at the bridge as well. nice riff.

Chorus is nice. I really like it when metal goes into a half time feel. So heavy! SO ****ING HEAVY!

The break after the chorus is nice. Very progressive. I like the dynamics with the coming in and out with the guitar/drums. Good stuff.

Bridge two was a pretty nice riff as well.

Verse, again, I'm not a huge fan of but you know, that's just me.

Like the mix up with the quieter bit at the start of the chorus.

The transition into the outro was good as well. Really smooth.

Really good song, I'm not experienced enough in the genre to offer much criticism. I'd just say I don't like the Verse 1 riff, like i've previously said
Personally I can't stand blast beats. They're okay when they're used to enhance a half-time feel, or build up for something, but when used consecutively, I find them very annoying.
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