Hello everyone.

I am new to effectpeadals and just about everying but acoustic guitars and amps. Soon im gonna be getting a guitar and a practiceamp. Then (cuz im getting a nice guitar) a nice tube amp. Im gonna want peadals, however due to my nobishness i hAVE ONE biG QUESTION.

If you link a fair amount of peadals do you need a power boost? If so whats it called?

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depends on the pedals you buy. generally newer higher end pedals dont really cut anything from you signal. Though I myself do have a booster in my board, but use it to kick in for more overdrive The lpb-1 from EH is very transparent and not noisy, plus not very expensive. But for the mere purpose of making up for lost signal, in my experience it's nothing to worry about
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You can only have up to a certain amount of mA(usually 200) on a chain (most chains only hold 5 pedals, it's rare for you to end up with more than 200mA with less than 5 pedals. Once you m ax out a chain, you need to get a second chain and power supply.
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nope, you are fine
your amp could have an effects loop for time and modulation effects, and most effects loops have a "boost" built in as its expecting a long chain so it helps boost the signal. but even if you place all your effects in front of your amp, you will be fine - I run 4-6 in front of mine no problems

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