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Ok recently i was at a gathering of my parents and all of thier friends, and two 50 or so year old men came up to me and said " I hear you play guitar" so we went and jammed for a bit, and they were both absolutey immense at guitar. I really loved jamming with them though, and i learned alot. Anyway, my question to you, UG, is do you prefer to play with people better or worse than you?
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i'd rather play with people better than me so i can gain something from jamming with them.
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I like playing with people better than me when they're not being pompous dicks.
Its fun when you play with people better than you unless they act as if they're gods among men and just make you feel like you suck.
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Yeah i would have to say better people challenge you to play better, faster, longer, harder.
And that is NOT what she said.
I like to play with better people, I can learn from them.

Unless they're douchebags and make fun of your abilities.
Better than me, as long as their older. I'm 18, and I'll be honest, I can't cope with people who are younger and better than me.
as long as they are cool, I always enjoy playing with better players

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I like playing with nice people who are better than me and who will give me a chance to imrpovise, if theyre just hogging the lead and showing off then its no good really.
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I like worse, cause then I get to teach them things. And of course blow their minds.
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Yeah i would have to say better people challenge you to play better, faster, longer, harder.
And that is NOT what she said.

I know differently.
I prefer people worse, because I enjoy helping people get better
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both, i like jamming with people better than me so i can learn some stuff and so i push myself to play more and better, and i also like to play with people that arent as good as me because i feel that all the practice i put in guitar is showing and that all the time spent playing guitar wasnt wasted, and it feels good teaching people and stuf..... yup
I like playing with people better to make me work harder, but every now and again playing with worse people to teach them or for a mean ego boost can be alright too.
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I like to play with better people, I can learn from them.

Unless they're douchebags and make fun of your abilities.

My thoughts exactly.
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Was really a hard one; when I'm jamming I'd like to be with players slightly better than me so I'm challenged (but not too much or I become shy) - but in a band I'd like the other guitar player(s) to be worse so I get to play all the leads.

Which is funny because I really love playing bass too which is like rhythm but a further step down. Come to think of it, I love to do rhythm too. Hmm.

*calls other guitar player in band to discuss his soloing ability*

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I like to play with the older blues guys as well they seem to know the most about music imo. Also when I first read this thread title I was gonna say that music isnt about being better than someone else its just about doing it because you enjoy it.
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You learn so much more by jamming with people more skilled than you are.
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Well I can't really say...honestly, anytime I jam or play with anybody, I instinctively think they are better than me. I like learning from people better than me, but to be straight up with you, I prefer to teach people who are worse than me. Developing, of course, not bad.
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I like playing with people better than me because USUALLY they help you out and you learn a lot. I hate it when they're just trying to show you up though.

I like playing with people worse than me (which is rare because I really suck) because I can teach them some things, and teaching not only makes someone else better, but can help make you better as well.
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