So the JSX went for wayyyy too much, theyre no longer in m price range (400-700)

I have the options of
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
Carvin Legacy Steve Vai
Marshall JCM 900
Crate Blue Voodoo
Crate V series(50 or 100)
Mesa F series
Peavey 5150 maybe?
Carvin Valvemaster
Peavey XXX
eh..and Bugera 6262

im looking for high gains, with cleans as well

its a small list

and could yall give me suggestions about these amps

which is best, which tp stay away from, and why?


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the PeAVEY XXX is a hot rodded JSX so they are pretty much the same
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i used to have a carvin legacy, its a great amp if your looking for good cleans that is where its at, as far as gain i always dimed my gain and it was pretty good, it really sounds best cranked though
I'm looking at the peavey XXX and the mesa F-series myself, both excellent amps and I'm having a hard time.
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^ 311: My thoughts exactly! The voicing (i.e. tube types, speaker types, etc) that the amps in the list have stock mean that there's a big variation in sound (or tone if you will) produced. Too big IMO if advice is needed for "high gains with cleeans as well".

Sooooooo......styles, gigging or practice, location, etc.

I don't want to sound arsey but we need a clearer idea
style..heavy rock, think van halen to metallica. i will need cleans to as i will use it for my church band and they like me to use clean.
and yeah im gonna be using it for gigs of up to 1200 people, but i can be miced at any place with more than 100

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if you want a nice clean tone then stay away from those two marshalls. especially the 900. great for high gain but bodgy clean in my opinion. i have't been dissapointed by mesa cleans or gain but i don't know much about that particular model. hope that helps.