Just got my first guitar, a Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS, (ya, ya, a little bit much for a first guitar yadda yadda yadda). Anyways, I'm looking to customize it a bit and I was wondering, if I want to put a cover on the humbucker, would I be able to just get this?

I'm also replacing the covers on the single coils, replacing the pickguard and the knobs, so they'll all be black, and also the neckplate so it'll look like it's worth more (with the F logo on it, instead of just being blank).

P.S. I hate barre chords... a lot.
why would you hate barre chords?
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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1, nice guitar for your first
2, yes it will work
3, you better learn to like them or you are limiting your abilities

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why would you want to put covers on them? I prefer pickups to be either precovered (ie. Burstbuckers, SD JB's, etc.) or uncovered with the pole pieces exposed. IMO, plastic covers like that muddy up the tone a bit.

And what did barre chords ever do to you?
you hate barre chords so im guessing you've only just started to play guitar. Why don't you wait till you can play abit better before customizing?
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Heh, didn't know you guys would get that annoyed at me just for having some difficulty with barre chords. I don't really hate them, just can't really do them at the moment, but I'm practicing.

Anyways, I can just put it over top the current white covers? No soldering or an of that annoying stuff?

As for the guitar I got lucky, it was the last Mexican Strat in my city, and it was even the color I wanted, that Fender just happened to stop making recently (Electron Blue). The reason that I want to customize it is because I just want to have something unique, and stuff like replacing knobs, and pickguards, isn't that hard to do, from what I've read.

And yes, I pretty much just started playing the guitar, with the exception of a little bit of dabbling with an acoustic guitar, but now that I got an electric I want to get more serious.