Hi I've been teaching myself guitar from a book I can play all of the chords and things. I have got quite bored of learning the songs from it and have printed off quite a few tabs, how songs are explained in the book are shown with every stroke and I can't work out how to play the tabs I've got. I'm sure they would be very useful if I new how to use them?
For example: Andrew Bird, Imitosis. In one bar there is: E 5 7, G 5, D 7. To a guitarist this might seem quite thick of me, but can anyone explain how all the tabs work? Thankyou
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Tabs are simple, the numbers indicate which number fret you play on which string, and there should generally be a key on special things you have do to (hammer ons, pull offs, ect) The only real problem with them is that the timing isn't usually listed so if you can find something you want in sheet music, use that over a tab.
any other questions about tabs should be put in the tab talk forum
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