I just bought a Korg tuner and when using it it recognizes my 2nd string as an A. Shouldn't it be a B? It says my 5th string is a B when it should be an A and it shows the 6th string is a G and I thought it should be a E.

In all it shows
6th string - G
5th string - B
4th string - D
3rd string - G
2nd string - A
1st string - E
is it on guitar mode or bass mode? those are only bass strings buddy. or maybe youre that out of tune.
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i'm not fimiliar with the brand, but my seiko tuner did the same thing. then i found out that they key was b+

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You're strings in concert pitch (running from thick to thin) are E, A, D, G, B, E. You plug your tuner in and tighten or slacken your strings until it says E on the 6th string, A on the 5th string etc, etc....
Alright thanks. It is a electric guitar. When I was tuning it was taking the needle to the middle but was still saying G on the 6th string. I'll try it again.
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