I play to a lot of Metal/MeloDeath and I have been set on getting a 5150 head for a while, I've played through a 6505+ and it sounded great, but I still think there is more out there that is available for what I am looking for.

My price range is roughly $800-900, including a cab, however, I already have a guy lined up to get me a cab for $350, so no more than $600 for the head or the preamp/poweramp together. I am definetly buying used and have been looking at the ENGL E530 preamp and a few poweramps here and there on the bay.

My question is, if I got the ENGL preamp and say, the Peavey PV900 poweramp, would I be able to achieve the tones of a 5150/6505 and more? I was an idiot and forgot to try the cleans on the 6505+ at GC but I will be using high-gain 95% of the time, so its not a big issue.

Also, what will be difference if I got a SS poweramp opposed to a tube poweramp? (assuming you are running a tube pre-amp such as the E530)
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Honestly i'm not a fan of Engl E530 for Modern metal tone. Seems to be lacking in the modern gain department. For full on metal the 6505/5150 is going to be the best option in my opinion.