Hey all, I've had a 2007 MIM Strat for about a year and a half now. I've started focusing on playing jazzy improv stuff recently, so I've been using my (stock) neck pickup with the tone rolled off a bit. I never really noticed until now, but the highest three strings aren't aligned at all with their polepieces. Unless I use a compressor, the B and e strings are just about inaudible.

Here's a picture (I guess the middle pickup is off too): https://www.t-mobilepictures.com/myalbum/photos/photo30/4b/bf/1e0b526e499a.jpeg

So how I fix this? Move the saddles? The E strings are 48mm apart, so maybe I've got an f-spaced pickup in the neck?
I could always go for a blade pickup, but a free modification would be preferable.
And yes, I checked all the faqs, and even found a thread, but neither helped.
Thanks for any help!
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Well I would take the neck off and try to stick a pick neck slot or something and mess with the truss rod.

The first thing I would try though for a quick fix is adjust the pickup height so they are closer to the strings. To do this you just loosen the screws on either immediate side of the rhythm pickup and the height will come up close to the string.

Hope that helps, sorry I realize thats not a solution and only a compromise.
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I just tried fiddling with the pickup height, tilting it more towards the e string. That did bring out the g string a bit, but eh, the e & b strings still are inaudible.

With the neck, I'd sand/cut the slot so it'd move the strings over the pickups? That might work. It'd be a bit of a risk, though. I guess I'll check the screws attaching the neck to the body, they might be causing trouble.

Thanks for your advice, and nice amp btw.
dont mess with the neck pocket.

bringing up the right side of that pup should be enough.

check that your bridge is level.

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