I recently bought an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige and it came with custom Dimarzio pickups.

In the Neck is a Dimarzio Air Norton and in the bridge there is a Dimarzio FRED.
being medium output pickups i found that they cant really play metal so i thought maybe for shred rock(paul gilbert and Joe satriani stuff) but when it comes to the tapping the output is really weak.

is this a technique problem or is it the pickups' fault?

i could play them fine with my Ibanez RG350DX which has stock infinity 3 and 4 pickups.

what can i play using these pickups then?
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Could be technique I would check that first then make sure there are no issues with your pups obviously
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how long have you been tapping for? if you know what youre doing than maybe take a look at the pups. I really like ibanez and every one ive tried has never had any problems - quality guitar so im doubting its the guitar since its new but you never know - try a friend's guitar and see if its just as weak
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i can tap fine using my other ibanez...could it be because the pickups are medium output?
also i bought this off ebay for 600 AUS so yeah =)