here is a beauty that I recently acquired back

She's an `06 Epiphone Les Paul Classic made at the DW plant and not the EE place that makes all the fakes..

upgrades include

BB Pro's Zebra's
Chrome Pickup Rings
Gibson Selector Switch
Schaller black strap locks

this baby is a player and plays as good as any gibby I've ever played..

She comes with a nice HSC

there are NO issues with this guitar at all, she stays in tune and does not fret out anywhere..

here's some pics..

Trans Black..

$550 shipping and paypal included CONUS only please

or I'm always up for some nice trades..

hit me up with what you have...

will consider a JCM 600 combo or other combo's for gigging..
that guitar.... i came. i want it so bad.
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