okay, might be a noobie question but, help anyway please..
Okay... I get this god Awful Sound coming out of my amp but when i turn the tone knob all the way down it stops... OR when my Tone Knob is all the way up, I can Touch the End of my cable and it dissipates. Help would be appreciated.. I have a tour coming up and I need a Solution. thanks
It may be the pots in your guitar. If you're turning the tone knob all the way down and it's fine, than it's more than likely that it's your pots.
Most likely a short in your cable, or in your guitars wiring. Try changing the cable, then if it still does it, take it into a shop.

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change your pots in the guitar and check for any disconnected cables/ungrounded cables and such. its more than likely that the problem lies within your guitar's innards
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