Our school is having a talent show in about a month. I need to think of a song to do for it.I was thinking about welcome home by Coheed and Cambria becuase thats one of the hardest and most immpressing songs I can play.Is there a better song around that amount of skill required that I can play for it?. and i'l be using a moderate sized amp around 50W.

Other songs i'm considering:

sweet child o mine-G N R
and w.e. you guys are suggesting

thanks pit

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sweet child o' mine is the best choice, 99% of the crowd will know it and you'll get a good response from the crowd if you play it correctly
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Sweet Child 'O Mine, indefinetly. If you can play it good, not only will you have every girl in the school latched around your arm, but it's a really great song also ^_^

EDIT: Damn you TheRevolvers -.-
I'd have to say don't do stricken, half the audience will hate it, and if you do sweet child o' mine everyone will love it.
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smoke on the water IS THE BEST CHOICE, 100% of the crowd will know it and you'll get a F*KED UP response from the crowd if you play it correctl

not to mention girls etc...
Do Sweet Child o mine 'cuz it's more well known I think

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Surfin' with the Alien, unless you are with a band. I wouldn't recommend Sweet Child o Mine by yourself, not really a solo song.

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My band did Stricken once, it was terrible

We also do Welcome Home, it is incredible

Welcome Home ftw

I don't know how it would work if you're alone though :S
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I did welcome home with my band for our talent show and got first prize for music and performance. But Sweet Child O' Mine would work too if you do it right. BTW, you might want to do Wanted Dead or Alive, which was our second choice.
wait...your gonna be playing guitar.. alone? do johnny be good and an improv solo4
or id say sweet child o' mine

btw the crowd wont really care how hard the song is too play. they only care if it sounds good
Don't do Welcome Home unless you have a whole band and you all can really play it. That song has been butchered so many times it hurts.