Hello, i wanna know what a nice octave pedal is, I want one that can go atleast 1 octave up, and 1 down, If I have to spend around $200 then I'm getting a Digitech Whammy. But whats a good octave pedal for cheaper? maybe one thats on a multieffects processor, thanks. =]
At that price range the Whammy is the best thing you can get without buying a seperate expression pedal, IMO.
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I think a Digitech Whammy would be good.
don't go multi, that will digitize the hell out of your tone and make it sound like ****
For that price, the Mictro POG is perfect, I think. depends on how you want the octave signal to work. there tends to be a slight delay with the whammy, and it doesn't handle chords well. the POG does. The POG, however, doesn't have the expression pedal aspect, to change between the pitches, nor can it do harmony pitches. The POG can, though, run your original signal, octave down, and octave up all at once.

Go to Youtube, and look around a bit. ProGuitarShop has videos for both.
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i second the micro pog.
but i would love to blow money on a regular POG, or even the HOG.
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