Hi, I have a Line 6 Spider 15 watt (yeah dont flame me for it) and I beleive I have a torn speaker, but I can't tell if I do. It sounds like there is a tear, when I hit low notes it just buzzes really badly. I opened it up and looked at the speaker, but I can't tell if it is bad or not. How do i know if it is torn?
Just listen to the bass- if it's going nuts then it's damaged.
Did it happen all of a sudden or did you do something you suspect may have caused it?
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It's been getting worse since like 2 or three months ago. Getting really annoying. I'm sure its cause I put it too loud because I was playing a 15 watt amp with a drummer
My squier sp-10 alqays buzzes and my anunt who also played guitar played it so it sounded pretty much more than my drums so i think it have been torn also.
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unless you put junk inside the back of your amp and juggle it around, you most likely don't have a tear. it's more then likely the coil's wiring coming unraveled from excessive heat.
take the speaker loose and carefully (and as straight as possible, use 2 hands) move the cone in and out, if it's scratchy, it's shot.
Sounds like it's time for you to get a new amp anyways, so go that route.
You need something with more watts if your gonna be playing with a drummer anyways. So if its fine at low volume use it for the bedroom. And invest the speaker money in a bigger and better amp.