Ah. I've come very far as a guitar player in only a year. I've learnt the Keys, Circle of Fifths, Progressions.

And I've found some bands that I'd like to sound like. Attack Attack!, I Set My Friends On Fire, Armor For Sleep, and anything Techno, Screamo. Stuff mostly like Attack Attack! I know a lot of it is on the keyboard and it's synth properties, but I write the drums, the guitar, the bass, the keys and the lyrics for our band. As of now I do anyhow, but could you guys give me some directions to get towards that genre?
Analyse songs of bands you want to like, paying attention to scales, rhythm, instrumentation, tone, structure etc. and see what you could use in your songs.
I don't know, study other techno/screamo music and see how they work?
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