Hey guys, I just wanted to get your opinion on Adobe Audition versus the other programs, Pro Tool, Ableton, etc... I downloaded the trial version and really like it, but want to know if it would be worth $400 or just go for something like Pro Tools. Thanks!
I've never used anything but Adobe Audition but it's pretty good and easy to use, I dunno about buying it though, not unless you intend to do alot of recording and get your moneys worth, otherwise just torrent it.
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Have you tried looking at other software? I have Adobe and Cubase and I prefer Cubase because I find it easier to navigate with.
.. But then again, you cant go wrong with Adobe Audition either. Whatever suits you best.
well, I use the Adobe Audition as well and I think it is pretty cool. Here are some of the recordings I did with AA3


its my rock guitar improvisation over backing tracks. Hope you like it
Personally, I don't think it's worth that much. That said, it's a pretty great software. I prefer Adobe over Cubase, but that's more of a personal taste since I've been using Adobe quite a lot more than Cubase.

Be slimy, and torrent it.