Something posessed me to attempt playing Paul Gilbert songs last night, and I just found out that my strengths are almost the same as Paul's. I'm a really good alternate picker, and considering the fact that I just began string skipping, I can string skip pretty damn well.

My only problem, however, is that although 99% of the time I alternate pick, the other 1% I don't alternate pick is when I string skip. Is this something that I can practice until I alternate pick when I string skip, or is it very hard to undo?

How about you guys? What're you guys best and worst at?
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If your picking works i cant see why you'd need to change it, but i might have misinterpreted what you said.

well, im pretty good at alternating, and i'm starting to get better at constant down picking. but My best skill, imo, is my improvising, i my not be that good, but its the most fun for me, therefore, my best skill
My biggest weakness is that i can't be arsed to learn songs, i'll get half way through learning a song and go, "stuff this" and the i'll just improvise/jam
I can riff very good, and create great molodies on acoustic. I can play fast enough for those awesome sounding parts in songs but i can never make them up, my solos end up being a bunch of small segments of interesting bends and patterns rather than one fluid movement of notes climbing or falling.
I can sweep on 3 and 4 strings great. On 5 and 6 you might as well pick a different song.
I can alternate pick good.
I always thought string skipping was pretty easy. I can tap but never really use it because i dont like it lol.

I over complicate too much, i need to learn to make it simple and catchy.

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I'm a great acoustic strummer. Strum patterns and such just come to me naturally and I can make a basic 4-chord strum progression sound really cool. I'm also pretty good at just making up random chord progressions, and just chording in general.

I can't pick. I mean, I just might be one of the worst pickers on this website. I'm also pretty bad with improvised blues runs, but that'll come with time and scale practice.

I'm not a very good fingerpicker either.

And I can't write entire songs (guitar and vocals) to save my life.
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I'm often fairly good at imrpovising/song writing, but I tend to only write in a minor scale and use fairly similar riffs from each of my previous songs.
I never learn a song, I get through the intro of it (Usually), then stop and not bother and learn the rest. I'm good at picking up new techniques though, and when I want to really learn a technique or song, I will learn it.
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it's all coming back

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I worked out some exercises to help me with string skipping and practice them alternate only. Its is better if you alternate when you skip, you will be faster. Work out a simple excersise and practice, you don't want to be doing downstrokes interrupting your smoothness.
Riffing, and rhythm guitar in general I think I'm pretty good at. I've been playing it for 6 years now.

I'm pretty good at harmonics of all kinds, and I'm trying to get good at fast alternate picking. That'll be my signature move.

I suck at improvising. I can't play solos for ****, because they're all too fast for me. I can't do long legato passages, either.
Ah, also I can get natural harmonics from every spot on the fretboard (The spots that actually have harmonics). I'm still working on pinch.
I'm relatively good at legato, but not legato fast.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
I can vocalize over somewhat complex guitar parts, I guess that's my strength.

As for my weakness, without a doubt, it's my improvising. I can't improvise on the spot to save my life. I guess my ear is pretty bad too, I have no perfect pitch, and can't tune by ear worth crap.
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Strength: Can sing while playing really difficult riffs. Kinda' like Fall of Troy stuff. Good at rhythms, good with any kind of picking, really good with anything but muting, haha.

Weakness: Sloppy player in solos. I need to learn how to mute better.
I can alternate pick like a beast, and I do know a lot of general theory/I can sightread.

What I fail at are things like sweeping and making solos become a solid idea instead of jsut bits of things that occassionally pop into my head. I also seem to lack the ability of moving around the fretboard.
I'm a talented lead player who's good at phrasing and improv,but I swear to God I am one of the most abysmal rhythm players you'll ever hear.Seriously,simple little chord progressions throw me for a loop.

Complicated arpeggio patterns and sweeping? I'm all over it.

The intro to Crazy Train? OMFG NOOOOO!!!

It's something I really need to address with my playing


lol ^
i think my alternative and unidirectional picking are pretty good i do a bit of economy too when it fits in , my improv sucks rly bad and its rly hard for me to grasp music theory so im pretty much screwed as being a musician lol. atleast i can do covers D;
I believe there is no such thing as a weakness on guitar, only a strength that hasn't been solidified yet. In the last year my fingerpicking has gone from abysmal to solo jazz guitar gigs standards.
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strengths: chords, progressions, rhythm
weakness: soloing, scales, alt-picking
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Strengths: riffing, chords and chord progressions, palm muting

Weakness: soloing and alternate picking (both skills are improving greatly though)
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Strengths: Metallica style lead work, bending, sliding, palm muting, chords.

Weakness: Inabillity to alternate pick without absolutely concentrating on it. I still find downpicking more natural and easy.
I've only been playing for a year and 8 months so my strength isn't exactly something i can boast about. Anyway my strength is legato, my weakness is finger picking and metal riffs. I can't speed pick or sweep for my life but those aren't exactly part of my playing...yet.

EDIT: How can I forget? Biggest weakness - Frigging vibrato
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Strengths: I have a natural sense of rhythm, so I can easily "get in the pocket" whilst jamming, its one of the reasons I've thought about converting to bass every once in a while. I've also been told that on slower melodic lead lines there's a lot of "soul" coming through the playing, which leads to a weakness...

Weaknesses:...that when I play faster lines I must be thinking about getting it right too hard because it tends to sound more sterile. I also have very poor technique because I was self taught. I'm starting to break a lot of bad habits, but some (like playing power chords with my first and pinky fingers on frets 1-11) I keep flying back to again and again.


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speaking of picking awkwardness, I just last night realized that the whole intro to Stairway to Heaven is finger-picked Made it so much easier on me to play, and now I want to learn the whole song

: downpicking, rhythm overall, simple blues improv solos

complex rhythm, quick solo's, sweeping, quick alt picking

and nowadays my strengths and weaknesses are switched
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I am very good at alternate picking, and can do fast downpicking riffs pretty well. I am pretty good at improv.

I'm not so great at strumming, sweeping, or gallops.
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I'm a decent sweeper and alternate picker.
Weaknesses: can't do multiple finger tapping, improvs are crap, can't tab, not good at incorporating theory to guitar (even though I'm taking AP).
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