And when you see this wood, you'll pop one too.
This will arrive early next week.

There should be enough for two bodies. One part is reserved for a one-piece Ibanez RG replica body with a three-piece maple neck (striped with walnut laminates, Prestige style). I might sell the other part to a friend who's anxious to get started as well, but we'll see.

I have app. 80% of the tools I'll need, so now I just need some more clamps and a spokeshave (plus some suitable maple) and a place to set up a workstation and I'm golden. Wish me luck.
That's beauty wood there.
Oh no he just divided by zero again...*gets sucked into vortex*

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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
oh dang lol

Hey, someone should try making a guitar made out of rock....Maybe I should, cuz I got alot of rock. hahaha
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oh dang lol

Hey, someone should try making a guitar made out of rock....Maybe I should, cuz I got alot of rock. hahaha

the sustain would be "teh br00t4lz"
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Lol'ed at the thread title.

But really, beautiful wood.
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you stoled mah ancient thread titlez( www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1012799 )!! nah only jokin, thats a fine peice of wood you've got yourself there, i cant wait for MOAR updates.

good luck

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and mate: ure the first 08er to make me laugh kudos

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Thanks people... Now quit look at my wood! I don't swing that way, perves!

But anyways, I am looking at that picture and based on the proportions it would seem like the block is either a little narrower or a little longer than the measurements suggest. What do you guys think?
Ooh, a little double post just for the heck of it. And with an update update too- I believe I finalized my design:

Basically it's your standard RG-fare, but with a few changes and additions: The Gibraltar Plus bridge from the RGA line, S/SA-style jack and an extra volume control (perhaps). It'll be a three-piece maple neck (AANJ bolt-on) and I'll try to somewhat match the neck profile to the Wizard style. I'll be laminating it with walnut veneer strips for looks, like on their own Prestige range, but with the added detail at the heel end of the neck that you can see in the 3D rendering. The fretboard will be ebony with white bindings and my own little design flourish at the end that I've made on all my guitar designs so far (this should provide me with some challenging binding work when I get there, eh?). Now I can only hope the wood is wide enough for a one-piece.

(There'll be a control cavity, don't worry... I just forgot to model it in)

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That is some bueatiful ribboned mahogany.

Also, it said "sapeli" or something, in language I don't read. DOes this mean it is sapele? Cause that would make it doubly awesome.

Can't wait for this Pikka Bird, you've been around the GB&C a long time, and your smart, so i bet this will be an incredible build.
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Yeah, it's sapele alright. You know how eBay sellers are, adding an immense array of words to their product title to lure people in, so in this case the "sapeli mahogany" are superfluous descriptors meant to net potential customers who might have misspelled sapele or are just looking for a wood that'll perform similarly to mahogany.

Thanks for the nice words. I hope I won't let you down then. I'll be practicing on some scraps first, of course, but I have no doubt that the research I've done (both here in GB&C and elsewhere) will enable me to make this an at least semi-decent first build.
Yeah, I'm sure it will.

All I can say is, if you take your time, it is hard to go wrong.
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awesome design, cant wait

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