My names Mark and I’m a 21 year old songwriter from Liverpool looking for producer/songwriter collaboration on some songs I have written.

As much as I love the music industry I wouldn't be involved in it if it wasn't as financially lucrative as it is. After being throughly undermotivated for the past 3 years, at 21 I really feel this is the year for me to start making inroads. as I mentioned i am interested in making money, consequently I write my songs for whoever sells, due to the saturation of indie bands in the U.K this means I normally write for the US market. My problems are that I am quite under motivated, have virtually no industry contacts and only have an 8 track Tascam recorder which I concede cannot is not adequate to make recordings good enough to submit to publishers. As much as I like to do things on my own I admit I don’t have the knowledge or the resources to go much further with these songs than I already have. I’m looking for someone in the U.K who has, or has access to, a better standard of recording equipment (home studio, computer etc) and is interested in collaboration with me.
I currently have three songs I am focusing on at the moment, one is a “rihanna style” pop/r&b song, another is a song I made specifically for the American singer Chris Daughtry and another is a piano based light pop song that I am think is great but am still unsure as to who the song suits. I have extremely rough recordings of these songs that I can send to you if interested.

Thanks for reading

Mark Quinn (mq1878@hotmail.co.uk)
I'm not in the U.K. I'm kinda confused at what your looking for, like if you want someone to write songs or someone to play them, but either way let me know, you seem like a cool guys, and I'm very interested. I'd gladly do an online collaboration if you need a guitarist. I can get a great acoustic song, if you wanna hear it check my profile for my rendition of sweet home alabama, it has a nice acoustic sound. I also have MSN, so if this were online it would work great.

EDIT: I also have guitar pro, and it is wonderous for writing songs, and if I get chosen for whatever this is I'm still a bit confused, but if your looking for someone to help write songs and whatnot, i can probably help you get guitar pro so you can write some songs. But we'll talk about that later.
I'm Luke.