i found one in a pawn shop for 179 and it's black with a stainless steel pickguard. problem is i'm worried it might be a squier with a fender neck on it cause i've never seen a fender strat like that. does anyone know if fender made a strat like that?
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If the headstock says Fender it should be a Fender.

Can you take pics?

but fender necks are bolt-on, therefore someone could (fairly easily) take a squire and put a fender neck on it.

EDIT: and to TS, maybe the neck plate has some sort of indication to the brand on it? or maybe a serial number?

just pretty much check out any serial numbers on it, and there are websites that will help you out if you have serial numbers. sadly I cba to do that, but google is your friend here.
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don't worry if it's a squire, just play it and see how it sounds.. names shouldn't mean anything.
Does it have a Black Headstock? Black HSS Pickups? Block Fret markers?

If it does its a Big Block, in which case get it because those great and are discontinued so you don't come across them often.
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my squire standard has a mirror pickguard, and the knobs have no numbers and are crossthatched...hope this helped!
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it had black SSS pickups, dot fret markers, maple headstock and the knobs were black with white numbers. i'm pretty sure it's a fender i just dont wanna drop money on a fake