me and my friend run a studio together
i recorded my band today
instrumental demo
you dont have to like the song, but listen to the overall quality and production.
my friend is telling me that its absolute ****, and that the other recordings on our page are better than the new one. i think that the new one sounds better than the old ones.

the big problem is he is really angry at me for putting that song up because we recorded it together
i think settling a disagreement with your friend would mean doing exactly that.. just talk with him about it, if he doesn't like how it sounds, find out what is wrong and fix it..

If you wanted us to prove him wrong and say that the new song is awesome, it probably wouldn't help the situation much?

You should also respect his decision to not put the song online.
yeah, it sounds like the drums are quieter, with less clarity, and the mix sounds like it was done too fast and it isn't as polished as the others.

plus, yeah... you're not really winning the argument by getting our opinons here... it's his work too, and if he feels that strongly about this, you're only going to hurt your friendship by leaving the song up there. it's not like you're hurting for material; you've got other tracks. and this one is just a demo... it kinda sticks out.
dude i want to make that thing of the guy throwing the pokeball at george bush my avatar so bad. the new one doesn't sound bad at all
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thanks so much for the input guys
weve had those recordings for awhile and i just really wanted to show kids some new ****
ill go ahead and take it off until its mixed more