Im new to recording, MIDI, and audio interfaces and need help. Im planning on getting a Line 6 audio interface but have a couple of questions. If I plug my guitar into it to record, can use the amp and stompbox models that come with the interface? Or can I use the Peavey Revalver software and other amp-modeling software. Also, can I use any interface with any recording software?
Most devices allow you to use whatever software you want. At least they do if they're worth a ****. I just got a Lexicon system and I'm using Audacity cause the bundled software was giving me trouble. So yeah, you should be fine.
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I have a podxt and a podx3 pro. You can use what ever you want think of it as a sound card you can switch to revalver whitch is what i use or you can use the models or you can bypass and run clean. I use a mix of peavys revalver 3 and line six. But get a line6 interface if you new to recording because it gives you 24bit audio with out all the pain in the ass. If you need any help just om me id be glad to help i also can post some sound samples.
Does anyone know how well the new Peavey Vypyr series (75 watt and up) works as a USB interface?