I've been looking for a digital multitrack recorder, and the Fostex MR8 MKII (with included Fostex MXL 990 and 991 microphones) appears to be one of the better ones for my price range. At least, that's what all the reviews say. 4-5 stars in everything, rambling on about endless benefits. Not quite sure I believe a bunch of anonymous reviewers $300 worth, so I came here.

Also, I've read that it has issues with uploading to Macs. If the storage media is removable, would an upload via card reader be possible?

Does anyone own one of these (same goes for the mikes) and if so, any complaints or warnings? And if not, does anyone have a suggestion for a multitrack recorder for around $300 (or a combination of a recorder and mike for less than $400)?

Thanks in advance.
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Are you 100% sure you want a multi-track recorder instead of a Firewire or (if you plan on running only two inputs at once) USB interface?
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I'm pretty sure I do. The computers in my house are both in a public, trafficked area. I've recorded and finished a song via computer before, and it really wasn't an experience I want to repeat. I'd prefer to hole myself up somewhere with a microphone and guitar and just record.