Hey all. Just thought that I would start a thread about legendary shredder Michael Angelo Batio (or MAB for short).
Great guitar player. although he showboats a lot. He's even said in Interviews that his over the under technique was created just for showboating.
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listen to shawn lane

Actually, I do listen to him. I'm not limited to just MAB. RIP Shawn.
I have a lot of respect for MAB's technique but I don't really get into his music much. I'd rather listen to Yngwie or Paul Gilbert for shred. Still the double guitar will always be very cool.
I love a bit of MAB.
Sure, he has a few fret-wanking songs, but that's what he does.

He's got amazing technique, and seems like a really cool guy.
Hope to meet him if I'm ever over in the 'states.
For those who think he has good technique but isn't that musical/etc., you might look into nicknaming him Michael Master Batio....

^I met him once, got his autograph and such. His guitar playing is even more impressive in person, he's exceptionally clean. Some of his music I like, some I don't, but even for that which I don't particularly like, it's really not that bad.
He actually did a clinic at a small music store right down the street from me and I got to meet him and got his autograph. Hes a really cool guy with a sense of humor. He goofed off the entire time. But, yes, his playing was immaculate!!! I love him. Some people may not like him because hes too "mechanical" but the truth is that he writes some really catchy melodies that turn int great songs! Just because his technique is perfect doesn't mean he can't make good music!
^ What, surprised he can actually play slow?

I, in turn, don't get Buckethead one bit - but I don't diss him for it. I recognise his awesomeness technique-wise (even the mask is pretty cool at times), it's his just music that doesn't sit with me at all.

All subjective.
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MAB is a guitar god! no questions asked. Have you seen that guitar hero commercial w/ MAB made by guitar world? It's hilarious in my opinion.

The protagonist sees the dragon and moans about how hard it will be to get the princess to fall in love with him, he gets eaten. The princess is very happy, because he was a whiny fag anyway.

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its old, good, but old lol
Guy's a bit of a wank but that Bach-ish bit in Speed Kills is plain awesome.

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That's hilarious.
Can anyone link me to a place where I could get all of his Guitar World 'Time To Burn' videos in one place? They're all over YouTube, but it'd be nice to have them in the correct sequence as good quality AVIs. Same with the ones he's been doing this year, and in '07. really I enjoy watching them.