Fans of mors principium est, cynic, amorphis, check this out........There is no vocals yet but the instrumental sounds fine.......lots of clean change up's which are essential for the sound were going for.........the guitar volume in the recording was a bit quite, but in final mix it shall be louder


btw were just starting out, this is our side project
I really enjoyed that. The guitars were very nice. The keyboard was haunting. The clean parts set the stage for the next parts to come in. I wouldn't have minded the solo to be a little longer, but that's just my personal preference. The drums were nice, and the 5/4 sections tricked me at first xD I was caught off guard.

That was very good, keep it up ;]

excellent music great balance of technicallity and ambience..i assume its ezdrummer sound pro but the guitar sound sucks imo. get a 5150 from somewhere and dont record with jackson bolt on necks..cant think of a worse guitar sound tbh. this would greatly enhance things. some piano would be great like arcturus..download pianoteq

i would listen to this if you get things going (i would offer to put down keys bass and live drums for you in my studio but ive got too much stuff to do with my own prog band.

Also..if you cant get a good enough singer dont comprimise...just stay instrumental.
thanks for advice my screamer is pretty decent, sounds a lot like Stu blocks from into eternity............and yes i mean to change guitar sound for final mix, that was just a rough draft
Pretty good.

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wow this is pretty sweet. add vocals and it will be much better. keep rocking man, its very good.