The DigiTech RP150 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal cost $100

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DigiTech Link

The Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Multi Effects Processor cost $130

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I just got me a pod and im waiting for it to arrive.

I would go for the POD because everyone uses them and i am a sheep who folds instantaineosly to pressure.
With the pocket pod, it's more flexible imo. I own one and it's okay. It dies really easily though. So you're gonna have to either buy a power supply or something.

I suggest saving up for a better multi effects pedal if that's what you're aiming for.
My friend has the RP150 and it's alright, but all he uses it for is RATM stuff, so I haven't head the full range of effects.

Another friend has a POD, though I think he has the largest of the models. He loves it, though.
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