My friend has been using the Jazz III's and i thought they were pretty good too. So would this be even better or equal to, cause u know the company said so lol

Dunlop Ultex Jazz III
Why would the company say it's bad? It's their brand, of course they're going to say it's good, but you might think otherwise.

Buy some and try them out. If you don't like them, trade picks with your friends. :P
Tortex is the best hands dwn dont see why ppl like those jazz picks
Haha well i did mean that the company said they were better than the Jazz III's but yea ill see
I've used Jazz III's, all my friends were like "THOSE ARE TOO SMALL!" (I've used huge picks and can't deal wi th it). There good for shredding and stuff. I've moved up a tad bigger to Dunlop Gators. Good grip, good size, and many mm's to choose from. I think between .58mm to 2.0mm (each with its own personal color). I use 2mm and 1.5mm's.
I like Jazz III's small size and sharper shape. Ultex is relatively similar to Tortex in composition, I believe, but it has better memory in that it won't bend or break as easily. As for me, I rarely feel any difference between Ultex, Tortex or basic nylon. Maybe that's just me, after all I rarely use any picks under 1mm.
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wait but are they the same small size the JAZZ III"S and the Ultex ones cause i hate large picks like the fender californias
Dude, picks are cheap. Buy a ton of different ones and see what YOU like.

Personally, I seem to have found a liking to Dunlop Cellulose Classics. I have them on my mic stand pick holder in 3 different guages. Heavy (I think about .8 or .9) Medium (I'm pretty sure these are .7 ish) and medium light (I think about .5 or .55)

I use the lighter ones for acoustic strumming, the middle ones for softer electric songs, and the heavy ones I use for most electric stuff, riffing and soloing.

Also, highly reccomend the 5 bucks for a mic stand pick holder if you're a performer, its amazing to have the 3 different guages right there, and just drop your picks, and grab a new one while you keep singing. So simple.
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Dude i would LOVE to buy a lot of picks and try them out and stuff. But see money doesnt come around often for me so yea
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Dude i would LOVE to buy a lot of picks and try them out and stuff. But see money doesnt come around often for me so yea

just take like $5, thats 20 picks
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The Ultex Jazz IIIs are my current favorite pick. They're alot more sturdy than nylons or cellulose picks and have a comfortable thickness. Ideal for lead playing in that regard... only thing is they only come in freaking translucent yellow so when you put one down don't expect to ever find it again.
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for kicks i bought the eric johnson jazz picks one day and now.... i could never go back. i love the smallness and fine point that never dulls and i think it made my picking a little more accurate. now when i pick up a normal size pick, they feel HUGE, like my hand shrunk.
while we are on the topic i have very big fingers and at the moment i cant find any picks bigger than the the Dunlop purples (cant remeber the guage) ive seen bigger but dnt know the brand or guage
I use Dunlop Tortex and Delrin.

Use Tortex .88mm for leads and Delrin 1.14mm for rhythm :3

Even though this means i sometimes need to carry and buy more (Not sometimes, always lol) It's worth as long as your confy with them

If you think this Jazz III's are for you, then, don't pull back, a lot of people like then, dunno, you might too
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Jazz lll are good. Personally I like extremely light picks so I only use Jazz lll's for rhythm or bass.
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Tortex is the best hands dwn dont see why ppl like those jazz picks

Have you ever played with one? The first few minutes are awkward as hell, but then they become an extension of your hand. I feel like I'm playing with a frisbee every time I use a regular pick now.