Hiya guys i have recorded this cover and have also made it into a vid for youtube, so you can either watch the vid over on tube or you can just go straight to my profile for the MP3, hope to get some feedback

Youtube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ExqPtirQezA

Check my profile if you just want the mp3

I have covered this before but the tone was a bit shoddy and the playing was poor and it wasn't filmed before either.


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Awesome! This place needs more Fear Factory fans.

The only criticism I have is that, when you do muted triplets, you're taking your finger off the fret to help mute, which makes the string's open note ring out a little bit after each mute. It's hardly noticeable, but if you want those muted triplets to be really clean, you should never lift your finger off the fret, and use your left hand pinky+fourth finger and right hand palm for muting.