I have tried the trial for Widi audio to midi vst but find the eval copy useless in terms of actually evaluating the plugin....

I love the idea of driving my vst synths etc with my guitar instead of a midi keyboard, so my questions are:

1)Has anyone paid for the full widi audio to midi vst plugin, and if so, is it worth it/any good?

2) any alternatives - perhaps non vst/input from wav file?

Thanks in advance for any help

Have you considered adding MIDI pickups to your guitar? Roland's GK3 and GI-20 interface could drive your synths without the need to drill.
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Have you considered adding MIDI pickups to your guitar? Roland's GK3 and GI-20 interface could drive your synths without the need to drill.

I have, but it would set me back £150+ whereas the widi vst plugin is around £35 + is a lot more convenient.

I would expect the roland guitar synth stuff to be pretty good these days (they've had enough practise over the years!), but from the testing I have done so far, the Widi vst seems to hold up for what i want to do (bass lines + the odd chord).

Its just a pain that it interrupts every 15 ruddy seconds so you dont really even get the chance to set levels etc.

If I just had the chance to record a simlpe bassline and it had worked I would have bought the thing already!!

Primarily what I want to do is get decent basslines etc down on my tracks and was thinking of buying a cheap bass guitar - but this way looks better, cheaper + I dont have to mess around fixing up and old bass.

It's wierd though, I would have thought that there wouled be more people into guitar to midi these days but I'm beginning to think I'm the only one!
For probably a few pounds more, seriously, get a used bass in a pawn shop or something. It will sound better than midi-triggered samples (probably), and it will be another *actual* instrument you own instead of a virtual one.

Aside from that, there are some freeware vst plugs that will convert a wav to midi, but I don't think they will do what you want. For instance, it will take a wav impulse, like say a snare drum that you recorded poorly or hate the tone of, and convert it to a midi event. You could then take that midi event and use it to trigger a better sounding snare sample. The live nature of your performance is kept intact, but you are replacing a poor sound with a better one.

Your situation is a bit different in that you want this plug in to differentiate a lot of extra data - particularly pitch and dynamics. I would expect that some plugins will assess the dynamics of an audio event before converting it to a midi event, but pitch.... I'm not so sure.

I believe, to get all the relevant data for a musical performance - pitch, dynamics, expression, note on, note off, etc. - I think you will need to get a midi pickup.

Another possibility... can you learn to futz about on a keyboard? Get a cheap keyboard midi controller to actually input your bass line as midi data into your sequencer, and use that to trigger a bass VSTi.

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