I was playing my friends bass the other day, and was looking for a slightly sharp tone. But even when I got a rather sharp tone with the amp, it still sounded kind of muffled. The only way I was able to get it was by playing with a pick.

Was this just because of the cheap pickups?(it was a first act pbass imitation, totally junk). Or did I just need to use the pick?

Help me out here, I am a guitar player, so I dont really know much about this...
have you ever played a bass before? they're meant to sound muffled...
I get my bass to sound muffled or almost "underwater" when I have a really bad tone set up going on, probably because my amp (an Acoustic B100) can't handle what the Warwick preamp can do. These types of tones tend to suck anyway, but I seem to get them easier from cheap basses and cheap amps and bad tone settings.

I play with my fingers and my bass sounds "sharp" as it can be until it annoys your ears.
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have you ever played a bass before? they're meant to sound muffled...


Anyway, there are lots of things that could have been going on... the strings could have been dead, for one...

The EQ is important. If you don't turn up the mids and treble, it could sound muffled.
That will be the precision pickup. No bridge pickup to get those clear upper harmonics, and the pickup is semi humbucking. Hence, that cuts out more upper harmonics. as a result, P basses have a very thumpy sound to them.
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