what is a good recorder for recording guitars that has good quality

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Don't use Audacity, it decreases the quality.

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Adobe audition
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Then to record it use Acoustica Mixcraft or Garage Band if you have a Mac.
Don't use Audacity, it decreases the quality.

What a load of rubbish.

If you want good advice on this, check out the main Riffs and Recording forum.. although I haven't checked but I have a feeling this thread might be ages old.
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audacity. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT and its free. but if you got 20$ to spend then guitar fx box is teh best because its cheap its effective it has build in high quality effects including a talkbox simulator and it has a noise gate filter.

noise gate? - use very carefully. if used proberly, then it can remove all static and mistakes from your playing. if used improperly, can destroy your speakers. (learned that from experiance)
Sorry for bumping a really old topic. Was looking for help on google and found this.

So i download audacity and it works no problem (although I havn't figured out how to work the effects yet?).

But I can't get "Guitar FX box 2.6" or "GuitarFX 3" to work for me. Both of them produce so much static that I can't hear anything.

Some people were saying its due to my sound card being too close to my processor or something, but if i get clear sound with audacity and i can play a clean tone with no programs running, is that the case?


Edit: found you can work the effects only after you record the song
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