March to war-- nice little song. great quality, pretty good solo. the main riff i like. although there was a part where the bass had a little fill...kinda wished that was a 'bit longer.

Robo Goblin-- liked the fade in intro. drums are beast as hell. song really picks up at the solo. seems kinda to just drag on until the solos. did you plan to have some singing? 'cuz if so it's understandable but if not, maybe add a 'bit more beef to the middle.

Rock 'n Roll Highschool-- nice change of pace. kinda eerie vocals. kinda bluesy. i like it.

Wicked Jam-- WAH!!!...i love me some wah... nice bass line. solid drumming here as well.

overall you've got some talent. really great drums. do you use a program? i noticed alot of your songs are pretty short though. maybe work on elaborating more?

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1036869

i'm not as good or thorough as you are... but you know...that's why i need crit.
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oh wow, nice recordings man. Robo Goblin sounds pretty amazing. The riffs are pretty cool, but I think they sometimes sound a bit out of place. The wicked jam thing is pretty sweet as well.

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