Hey all, I'm thinking on getting a new guitar. I'm sick of my LTD FX-400, really isn't THAT great.

I think I'm gonna' go back to Ibanez. I'm looking at the Ibanez RG5EX1, but also looking at an Agile PS970.

I know they're two very different guitars. I mainly play hard rock/heavy metal/prog-rock/metal, but I'm getting more into shred. My first guitar was a beginner Ibanez and I LOVED the neck, so I'll probably lean that way. Also I really want a guitar with a tremolo. FR, Edge, doesn't matter. I like 'em both and can handle them both.

I do want a guitar with nice distortion and good cleans though. Can the Ibanez provide that? I can't spend more than $400 about, so other suggestions are welcome. Preferably not too light, but not too heavy. Just enough wood to hold good sustain, and not fall around everywhere.

Right now I play through a Peavey Valveking 112. I may sell it though, it doesn't provide the greatest tones. I'm looking at an Orange Crush 30R, I really don't need the Peavey since I don't gig every weekend.

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Try looking at this. I played one and it's really nice for the price. A little bit beefier neck than an Ibanez but still slim enough profile to shred with.
i agree with the ibanez s320, if you can fork up the hundred more for it. btw, i wouldn't sell the valveking and get a crush, crush's are cool amps but tubes > solid state. just keep the volume low on the VK
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I'm gonna' go to my store soon and try out the S320, looks cool. Doesn't look like there's anything better about it than the RG though.