Hey guys, my band and I are playing at my high school's battle of the bands and we were all thinking of wearing different, goofy clothes. I like the idea of being all different up on stage and it makes it more fun for the crowd IMO. I think I'm gonna wear just a regular t-shirt and a tie. Maybe even a top hat haha. What are your opinions on dressing up for gigs?
stupid hats are a must
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Oh we weren't gonna go way over the top with costumes or anything, just some fun stuff. We've been practicing hard over the last few weeks on our 3 songs plus our encore and we have them down pretty good.
Ive only seen one band tht had goofy clothes and they only had matching shirts and sunglasses
Every other one was terrible
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stupid hats are a must


I wear them all the time.
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get a wedding dress
a kilt
a gorilla suit
and you're all set
Top hats are really cool if you play music that isn't very well excepted by society (ex. metal), because when they first came out, only people with lots of money that were high up in society wore top hats. It an interesting contrast.
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