Hey guys. I am looking to get one of these two multi-effects pedals, but I can't decide which one.

RP90: http://www.digitech.com/products/Multi-Effects/RP90.php

RP150: http://www.digitech.com/products/Multi-Effects/RP150.php

Now, based on my past experience with numerical order, the latter should be better, since it's a higher number. It has more effects and stuff. The thing is, the RP90 has an expression pedal, which is good. They're both $100, so which is it?

Now, I know you guys will be all "Well, if you HAVE to get one of THOSE...", so if you know of a better pedal in the same price range, please feel free to suggest.

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You can't quote yourself.
I paid 75 bucks on 3b@y for a RP200 and it kicks butt...go for the best one you can get for the money. I still have my RP90, but The controls are much better and sturdier on the bigger models.
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Argh! I hate when people tell me to save some more! Is it that difficult to stay in the price range provided?! I have very limited funds! XD

But I digress. Thanks for suggesting used. I didn't think of that. I was hoping to get it for a gift, though, so I don't know if my parents would get me a used gift...>_>

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You can't quote yourself.
i got the rp90 and its great, 50 presets and then the same 50 again but you can customize the first set, wich leaves you with 100 presets in total O_O
And effects are good, it handles great, i think its very good overall